Time to Move On: How I Ditched my Daily Drinking Habit for Good!

My good friend, Annie Grace, author of This Naked Mind, is hosting a free live webclass.  If you are making changes in your relationship with alcohol, I highly recommend you make the time to attend.
Annie will be sharing How She Overcame a Decade of Daily Drinking: Without Pain, Rules or Missing Out – And How You Can Do the Same.
She will also teach:
– Why “willpower” is overrated, and how limiting yourself will make you want to drink more!
– How to never feel like you are missing out, losing yourself or giving up an old friend.
– How to regain your happiness and control over your life. Without destroying your social life in the process!



Annie will also be teaching:
– How to regain control in your relationship with alcohol and find true peace — whether you stop drinking completely, or decide to just drink on occasion.
– How your desire is in your unconscious mind, and why most techniques and strategies to address it only focus on your conscious mind… and fail trying.
– How setting rules and limits only increases the internal conflict you’re dealing with, and sets you up to fall backwards into your desires.
– Why the thought of our first drink leads to feeling euphoric, but once we have that drink we feel guilty, and need to drink even more just to feel “normal” again…
– Why your brain will try to protect you from the information I’ll give you, in order to protect your “core beliefs” about alcohol and keep you frustrated, looking to your next drink…



I’ll be on (I love Annie’s trainings!) and I hope to see you there.

Tinie Terblanche


If you have any questions please email me: tinie@phase-one.co.za

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